This page will help you get started submitting VOBs via API.

If you are an active customer of instantvob®, contact us today for access to our API. Once you have API Access, you can manage your company's API keys on the API Management page under My Account.


To use any of the API endpoints, you must simply add a header to your request with the name: x-api-key and your API key as your header.

When configuring an API key in the API Management page, your key will be tied to the user and the location to which you want to submit the VOB under. If you manage multiple locations, or want different VOBs associated to different users at your organization, you can setup multiple API keys.

Each will have a default expiration of 6 months from when it was created. When submitting requests within 30 days of the API key expiring, you will receive a warning in the body of the response as follows: API key expiring in X day(s) (on MM/DD/YYYY).

You can create a new API key manually on the API Management page, or you can programmatically generate a new API key using the Get new API Key endpoint.

Rate limiting

Be reasonable and kind with your use of the API. Any detected misuse or suspicious amounts of traffic will be blocked at instantvob®'s discretion. You will naturally be limited by the time it takes to submit a VOB (anywhere from 1s to 30s depending on the patient and insurance company). You will be blocked after attempting 100 requests in a 5 minute window.


You will be blocked after attempting 100 requests in a 5 minute window.

Ready to go!

Now that you are setup with an API key, you can submit your first vob!

If you have access to, and plan to submit full VOBs, ensure your Webhook configuration is complete first in order to benefit from real-time updates.